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Smile Dental Care and Aesthetique
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Extractions / Oral Surgery

  • Latest techniques
  • Continuous education for all practice members
  • Equipment
  • Gentle staged extraction
  • Preservation of bone for easier implant therapy/replacement

Tooth Extractions may be necessary where you have advanced tooth decay, a broken tooth/root or an impacted/problematic wisdom tooth:

  • Requires additional training and our team are all continuously educated
  • We are known for gentle extraction and providing additional care
  • We use the latest equipment and work in a sterile environment
  • We believe in preservation of the bone which then makes it easier for tooth replacement by implant therapy
  • You will be given a local anaesthetic and offered sedation if you are anxious
  • You may have swelling and/or discomfort after the procedure which can be eased with over-the-counter painkillers
  • We will give you written instructions after the procedure and an emergency number if you need us


Please contact us for advice if you are worried about any of your teeth.

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